Injection for wrinkles should be performed by dermatologist


Injection therapy smoothes the wrinkles that are caused by aging, but it should necessarily be performed by dermatologist to get healthy outcomes.


Outcomes of injection therapy last for 6 months in average

Injection is used by many medical departments to manage various diseases. However, it is most commonly and popularly used to treat wrinkles. The term injection is the unique name used by the manufacturer company to denominate a protein synthesized by a bacterium, called Clostridium Botulinum. Although various manufacturers prefer different names, this unique name is regarded as the popular name in the social area.


Who should perform Injection therapy?

Although injection is used by various physicians to manage different diseases, it should be used by Dermatologists to treat the wrinkles, as dermatologists are medical doctors who are specialized in the skin health and knows skin diseases well. On the other hand, one should always remember that injection is a medical treatment and it should be performed in healthcare facilities, as is the case with all medical treatments and procedures.


Contraindications of Injection

Another important issue is the contraindications of the injection. Injection is not an appropriate therapy for pregnant and lactating women and in certain neurological diseases. In this regard, the physician should necessarily be informed about overall health and documented diseases and the primary doctor of the patient is consulted, if required.


Injection should not distort natural look

Inject is a procedure of medical art. Unpleasant appearance is likely, if the therapy is performed by incompetent persons. Injection may lead to loss of facial gestures and the resultant straight or blank face in some people. Therefore, dermatologists who are experienced in this treatment can easily set a balance between the natural and the aesthetic look.

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